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Online Casino Sports Betting Sites Say American Idol is Hottest Show

The American Idol reality showing is offering the online casino sports betting sites some stiff competition on their major sporting events. It has been reported that over 35 million people vote for the outcome of this reality show every week, and place their bids through generally on online casino online sports betting sites. This number is as impressive as the number of people who placed bids on major football matches in the height of the season on online casino sports betting sites.

These sports betting sites which offer odds every week on who will be the next to drop out of the American Idol, follow the show very carefully. Every week the online casino sports betting sites’ oddmakers examine the judges responses and the audiences votes and they set their odds for the coming week. The online casino sports betting sites report on major traffic as soon as the odds are released and again before the show is aired.

A spokesperson for one onlie casino sports betting site that offers bids for the America Idol says that the show is filled with so much action and excitement that it is as good as any major sporting event. Every week another person is knocked out and as the contest is nearing a close, the online casino sports betting site is expecting even further action and bid placing.

OCA News Editor