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Sports Book Online Casino Offers NHL Semi Final Odds

Sports Book online casino is following in the tradition of posting odds on all the major sporting events and this time has offered bids on the NHL semi finals. The online casino sports book site considers the Ottawa Senators to be the leaders in the bid with a figure of -280, against the Buffalo Sabres. The online casino sports book also posts the New Jersey Devils in their series with the Carolina Hurricanes as -175 favorites, despite being the lower seed.

The Ottawa and Carolina teams fought for the title in the Eastern Conference during the entire season. New Jersey on the other hand comes into the second round riding a 15 game winning streak, including a sweep of the New York Rangers, who they outscored by a 17-4 margin. The online casino sports book takes all this essential information into account when posting the odds. The online casino sports book looks at the teams past performance, current performance and also expected performance. Sport Book online casino follows the entire series very closely and its faithful betting followers know that they will be getting a full coverage of the series.

A spokesperson for Sports Book online casino said that the NHL playoffs have been as exciting as always so far and there are some amazing match-ups in the second round. He continued that everybody bets through the online casino sports book on the playoffs and while Ottawa and New Jersey are the top listed teams, both series have the potential to go down to the seventh game, which makes it another whole ballgame.

OCA News Editor