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Online Sports Book Plans for Airplane Advertisement plummets

Online sports books and online casino sites are at the forefront of the advertising market and are continuously finding different ways to break into new markets. Some online casino sites use streakers at sporting events to get their name in the papers, while other sports books will sponsor football team. Whatever the method, if publicity can be achieved from an action, then online casino sites will be the ones to perform it.

Online casino and sports book, Bodog, has announced recently that it plans to start advertising on airplanes. The sports book’s was disappointed to learn that Allegiant Air, the online casino’s partner, has decided to withdraw from the agreement. Allegiant Air’s CEO was not impressed by the U.S Justice Department’s approach towards online gambling and did not want to cooperate with Bodog. Bodog’s plans were to be one of the first companies in the world to advertise on the side of an airplane. A marketing company has organized six commercial airplanes that fly out of Las Vegas International Airport, to be decorated with logos of various companies – and one of those companies is the online casino sports book.

The online casino sports book was said to be very excited and waited in anticipation for market reporting on the success of such an alternative, but potentially very viable advertising campaign. The sports book is fully aware of the great potential of this form of advertising. Having their name on the side of an airplane means that their advertising potential has no limit. Sadly for the online casino, this grand scheme for airborne advertisement will not take place in the near future.

OCA News Editor