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Online Casino Sports book Puts Pistons as Favorites

Online casino sports book favors Pistons to win the NBA Championship. Pinnacle Sports online casino sports book has released odds on who will win the NBA and conference championships. Pinnacle sports book has released odds on what team they think will win the NBA Championships. With the regular season at a close and the start of the playoffs in line, the question of who will win the championship was the online casino sports book’s major agenda. The sports book has a name of being the first to release odds for certain events and championships and is sure that the NBA Championships will encourage a wide range and large number of bettors.

The East’s top seed, and also holder of the League’s best record, the Detroit Pistons, has been listed by the online casino sports book at the favorite to win the tournament. Their odds have been posted at 11/10 (win $11 for every $10 bet). The online casino sports book lists the defending champion, San Antonio Spurs, with the second best odds of winning the tournament and have placed their odds at 3/1. The Dallas Mavericks follow behind by 9/1. Miami Heat have been installed at 10/1, while the Phoenix Suns are 11/1 to go home with the title.

Some of the other odds posted by the online casino sports book site are as follows: New Jersey Nets (19/1) ; Los Angeles Clippers (39/1); Los Angeles Lakers (60/1); Sacramento Kings (60/1); Denver Nuggets (62/1); Cleveland Cavaliers (62/1); The Memphis Grizzlies (85/1) Indiana Pacers (85/1) odds. Three of the lowest-seeded teams in the Eastern Conference the Chicago Bulls (120/1), Washington Wizards (130/1), and Milwaukee Bucks (175/1), have been installed by the online casino sports book as the biggest long shots to win the championship this year.

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