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No Online Casino Gambling for World Cup Players

FIFA has announced that any World Cup football players caught participating in any gambling activity, as a part of online casino campaigns or other, related to the tournament will be fined. The organization fears that gambling on matches will influence their playing. World Cup fever is starting to brew in many online casino sites and sports gambling facilities. In preparation for the expected hoard of gambling fans wanting to root for their favorite teams, FIFA has come out with some strict guidelines regarding gambling and the World Cup players. FIFA has announced that any of the players participating in the World Cup will not be allowed to be involved in gambling in any way – not online casino gambling, through sport books, machines or any other form.

The head of FIFA has said that every player will be requested to sign a pledge in Germany committing to the fact that they will not be involved in online casino gambling, or other forms of gambling, related to the tournament. They must promise that they will not be involved in gambling or anything that is linked to the World Cup. FIFA is trying to ensure that none of the players will have any incentive to do anything unethical regarding their playing performance and impacting the outcome of matches, which could be suspected if they are involved in online casino gambling related to a specific match.

Players are already barred from gambling on local matches, but this ban has now been extended to World Cup matches because of the expansiveness of the tournament. Those found breaking the non-gambling law will face a fine or even FIFA ban. FIFA does not distinguish between online casino gambling to other gambling venues, and the ban is a collective one.

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