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Pro Sports Leagues and Online Casino Gambling

The online casino Internet Gambling Ban legislation in the U.S. House Judiciary Committee is doing its best to make online casino internet gambling illegal. Are the sports organizations supporting this ban? The issue of gambling has been high on the American’s agenda recently with debate centering on the NHL gambling probe and the attempted introduction to ban online casino internet gambling by some politicians. In a recent interview, Rep. James A. Leach, a Republican from Iowa, one of the staunchest backers of this bill, was reported saying that a wide range of heads of sports organizations are behind this bill and are in support of his banning of internet gambling.

The question remains now – are the major sports organizations against online casino gambling? Leach said that land casinos have a way to keep problem gamblers and minors out of the gambling sphere, but online casino sites do not. He said that the same is true for online sports gambling and he claimed that the heads of the sporting organizations agreed with him.

In a letter to Congress, one head of a sports organization said that online casino gambling threatens the nature of team sports. He said that the games represented clean and healthy competition and that with wide-spread online casino sports gambling, the players might be tempted to provide a quick-fix for a match and to be swayed by gambling-related issues. He claimed that rampant sports gambling causes a cynical attitude towards athletic events, something which goes against the pure competitive nature of sports. This attitude is really only one side of the coin – many of the sports leaders are not against internet gambling, claiming that they help create team spirit and hype before a game or tournament, raising the teams’ spirits.

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