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EU Calls for Open Online Casino Sports Market

The European Union is calling on several countries to open up the sports gambling market and to stop blocking foreign firms from entering sports gambling. The topic of sports gambling and online casino sites is catching many headlines in Europe lately. With many Western European countries considering legalizing online sports gambling and online casino sites, while others looking for ways to curb the trend, this is a much-debated topic. Many European governments and legislators are thinking of ways to deal with the ever-increasing wave of online casino and sports gambling sites.

The European Commission has recently announced that it plans to take action against several EU countries that have prevented foreign firms from entering sports gambling. Sports gambling along with other e-commerce ventures, such as online casino sites, are meant to be an open market between members of the European Commission states. The EU said it has decided to send official requests to Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden for information on national legislation restricting the supply of sport gambling and online casino facilities.

According to EU rules, the countries approached by the Commission regarding sports and online casino gambling have up to two months to respond to the claims. The EU has an obligation under the treaties to ensure that member states’ legislation is fully compatible with European Union law. The question of sports gambling is only one of the issues that the Commission addresses on a daily basis. The Commission will try to find out if the reasons for the non-entrance of foreign online casino and gambling firms are based on competition fears or ethical issues.

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