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Online Casino Questions Which Manager Will Be First to Go

Online casino sports book, Pinnacle Sports, posts odds on which of the major sports managers will be the first to go in the MLB 2006 season. The online casino sports book says that it is not only pure sports events that gamblers want to bet on. Sports book sites are not only for betting on sports. We know that many online casino sports book sites post odds on political events, entertainment news and even the weather. However, those that are mainly interested in sporting events might want to focus mainly on sports – there is a way around this: Sports book now post odds on events within the sporting world that are not only matches. Sports books are questioning which team managers will stay in their positions, which team players will be booted and which sports organizations’ heads will be shifted.

Pinnacle Sports, an online casino sports book, has recently posted odds on which American and National League managers will be the first to be fired or resign from their posts during the 2006 MLB season. The online casino sports book has released odds on all 30 MLB managers and Texas Rangers’ Buck Showalter and Arizona Diamondback’s manager Bob Melvin who are 5/1 co-favorites to go first. These odds are potentially as exciting as any sporting event posted by the sports book, and will probably be as popular.

A spokesperson for the online casino sports book said that the turnover for head coaches and managers in professional sports has skyrocketed as the eight new MLB skippers this season clearly demonstrates. The online casino spokesperson added that the number of managers under fire in 2006 is quite high. The trend these days is to go for a quick fix if a team is not performing as such – managers are fired quickly in the hope of saving face and keeping the fans in their seats.

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