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Online Casino Sports Betting Terms

There are several sports betting terms that one should know before managing to successfully participate in online casino sports betting. Below is an explanation of straight sports betting. Straight sports betting is a wager on the outcome of a single game or event. The sports betting wager is determined by a pointspread, moneyline, game total, runline or puckline. The team or player must win the game or the event either by covering the spread our outright. The payout on the online casino sports betting is determined by the odds posted.

Payouts for straight sports betting will depend on the odds given for the online casino. In straight sports betting it is the odds that determine the payout. It doesn’t matter if the bet is moneyline, pointspread, runline, pucklin or game total. In order to work out the winnings, you will need to translate the odds which appear on the online casino moneyline (-120, -180, +170 etc) to the multiplier. You then take the multiplier and times this by the bet you placed in order to find out your payout or win for this online casino sports betting event.

The great part of online casino sports betting is that nothing is closed until the last minute. The excitement and anticipation is part of the fun because nothing is decided until that last whistle goes or finish line is crossed. Straight sports betting is only one of the several sports betting options. Get to know the lingo and join in the online casino sports betting mania.

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