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Open Bet Looks at Online Casino Sports Books Differently

Open Bet has a vision; a vision regarding online casino gambling and sports books. Open Bet is looking to create a “one-wallet” mega online gambling product, and looking for online sports books and online casino sites to join their initiative. Open Bet will centralize all of the gambling channels into one major site, and will offer online casino customers to gamble in a number of channels using one single account. Players will be able to place bets on all sports events, real or virtual, lotteries, P2P exchanges, and whatnot – all from one single account operated by a single back office.

This new approach for online casino gambling will enable users to place multi-channel bets on several sports events. It will enable them to try to cut their loses by placing bets on several different online casino gambling options, and most important – they will be able to do all of this from one single account, without the need to register to all kinds of different sports books. Open Bet has made their plan public this January, and response from the sports books and online casino communities has already begun.

A leading UK sports book, British Bookmaker Tote Sports, has announced the adoption of Open Bet’s interface. The leading online casino sports book will reconstruct its site to fit the Open Bet’s advanced interface. Tote Sports will offer players a number of gambling channels and all from one single account. Another famous online casino sports book to join Open Bet’s vision is the Australian sports book Center Bet. Center Bet will switch to the Open Bet sports betting system, and will abandon its current system, which was built in-house.

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