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Bet Fair Pushing for Online Casino Sports Gambling Reforms

Sports gambling operator, Bet Fair, has said that corrupted online casino sports gambling poses a greater threat to the sports industry than drugs and steroids. Bet Fair has warned against corruption in the online casino sports gambling industry and is asking for legislative reforms in order to ensure that this phenomenon does not increase. The online casino sports gambling site’s corporate director, Andrew Twaits, said that legislation was required to cover all industry participants, including punters, gambling operators, athletes and officials. He said that the entire world was against sports drugs and steroids, and that they should join together to protect the industry from corrupt sports gambling.

Mr. Twaits urged for online casino sports gambling to be controlled so that connections do not bet for their own teams and that multiple point identity checks should be introduced for all new gamers. He said that his online casino sports gambling site was prepared to sign on an agreement which would ensure integrity in sporting events. He said that online casino sports gambling needs to be a fair and competitive pastime without fears of corruptions, scams and scandals.

These comments came after a spate of scandals in the online casino sports betting world, some of them which did indeed involve Bet Fair. The site’s director was obviously trying to clean up after the public relations mess that the online casino sports betting site could find itself in, if some of the allegations prove to be true. Bet Fair is based in Tasmania, where it was granted an operator’s permit by the State Labor Government.

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