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World Poker Series Odds at Online Casino Sports Book

Participating in the World Poker Series is not the only way for you to make money off this great sports event. Bodog, one of the leading online casino sports gambling sites, has published the odds for the World Poker Series giving players the possibility to bet on the tournament’s outcome.
The World Poker Series is currently the focus of Poker lovers from all over the world. Many of the online casino sites feature amazing promotions for the event, and many online casinos players are hoping to make it into the tournament. Now, with this online casino sports book new feature, not making it to the actual tournament does not mean you cannot win!

Bodog online casino sports book is offering you the chance to place bets on various aspects regarding the tournament’s outcome. You could place your bet on the predicted age of the winner, for example. Will the winner be aged 21-15 years of age? No one knows, but the online casino sports book is giving it an 8/1 odds. One of the most exciting bets one can make is a bet on the tournament’s wining hand. Will a “Royal Flash” win the World Poker Series, or will a simple Pair become the wining hand? If you think you know, then hop into the online casino and place your bet today.

Bodog online casino sports book features many other great betting options, and covers all sports and entertainment fields. Other than sports gambling, the site also features an online casino and Poker room. This great online gambling site is a great choice for players looking for a serious and well-established online gambling website.

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