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Sports Betting Site Offering $1 Million Prize

Bet Eagle online casino sports betting site has always been a popular venue for online casino sport gambling. Since the online casino sports betting site was launched in 1997, it has been a favorite for top-seed recreational gamblers to bet on the NCAA basketball tournament. As part of the hype around the March Madness, the sports betting site has decided to post a $1,000,000 first prize for any lucky player who completes a perfect bracket.

The 2006 March Madness is definitely one of the hottest online casino sports betting events around. Bet Eagle spokesperson said that as part of this madness, their one million dollar prize was open to anyone who wanted to participate in online casino sports betting. Entry to the contest is totally free, so literally anyone can enter to play and walk away with this super prize. The spokesperson for the online casino sports betting site said that this was a very exciting time of the year and that the name “March Madness” was not coined from nothing – the amount of money to be won is madness!

The spokesperson also said that this form of online casino sports betting suddenly turned a person into the instant fan of 32 teams. Once a person’s bracket is in, the fun can really start and the outcomes of the games are so last minute that it is every online casino sports betting fan’s dream. The thrill of the games coupled with the anticipation of the betting makes it a truly breathtaking experience.

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