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Sports Betting Site Focuses on North Americans

US Sportsbook, a North American based online casino sports betting site, is offering great promotions and incentives for its players, in line with the ever-increasing online casino and sports betting industry. The consumer always benefits from competition and in this case, online casino sports betting players are the ones who are scoring big time – with superb offers, bonus schemes and jackpot prizes.

The online casino sports betting site is relatively new to the market, so its marketing manager says that in order to survive, they need to be as aggressive as possible. The online casino sports betting site has been running since 2003 and is based out of Costa Rica. The website prides itself on continuous promotions and bonuses with which it hopes to attract as many players as possible and to turn them into regulars on the site. One of the current specials that the online casino sports betting site is offering is the deposit $100, get $100 back; as well as a 25% bonus for referring friends.

A spokesperson for the online casino sports betting site said that the security technology that US Sportsbook uses is top of the range, so players have nothing to worry about. All the sports betting transactions are fully protected with state of the art technology and encryption. Online casino sports betting is a relatively new and evolving industry in the online casino world and new players are discovering its excitement all the time.

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