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Taiwan Police Breaks Online Casino Site

Taipei County policemen have broken a large online casino sports gambling ring that managed to take in more than NT$500 million in wagers on this year’s World Baseball Classic, officials said. The online casino sports gambling ring bookie was arrested from inside his motorbike repair shop which served as a base for his operation. The arrested man was suspected of running the entire online casino sports gambling operation from the shop.

The casino sports gambling website was used to place bets and had a deceptive home page. The website appears to be a normal sports site, said a police official, but once you log in, it became a bona-fide sports gambling online casino site offering bids and wagers to be placed on sporting events from all over the world. The minimum sports gambling bet on the casino was NT$100, but it was expected that most of the high rollers betting online were wagering at least NT$100,000 per bet.

The police commented that it was become more and more difficult to track down illegal online casino sports gambling or other websites. They said that the increased use of laptops, and the fact that servers were located in other countries, made it hard for the police to prove that the actual sports gambling casino transactions were taking place in a specific territory. The bettors place their bets online by using their lap tops and moving from one location to another, in order to ensure that they cannot be easily tracked. This arrest highlights other forms of illegal casino gambling which have become popular in Taiwan.

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