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Online Sports Betting Site Committed to Responsible Gambling

As part of the National Problem Gambling Awareness Week in the United States, sports betting site Bet on Sports, reaffirms its commitment to responsible gambling. The sports betting site says it will fight underage and problem gambling.

Bet on Sports, which is a combined online casino and sports betting site focused mainly in the United States, has issued a statement this week to coincide the National Problem Gambling Awareness Week. In the statement, the sports betting site said that as a leader in the industry, they felt that it was their duty to push for responsible and proper gambling practices. The sports betting site said that they were against underage gambling or any type of gambling practices that lead to illegal or compulsive behavior.

The statement produced by the sports betting site said that the company uses a range of technological platforms in order to ensure that its clients are protected and underage and problem gamblers are detected. The sports betting site also uses technology to track stolen or fraudulent credit card transaction, in order to minimize money laundering or illegal use of credit cards. The staff at the sports betting site is also trained to spot erratic and suspicious gambling practices which are the trademarks of underage or problematic gamblers.

The sports betting site also said that when problem gamblers were detected, the support staff of the site telephoned them in order to gauge their response. It was explained that often a phone call is enough to put the sports betting gambler back on track and to stop the problematic gambling habits.

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