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Sportsbook Accepting Bids on Bush’s Rating

There is an endless amount of news on President Bush’s performance, and this is even more focused because of the recent scandals surrounding his presidency. With all this in mind, the sportsbook sites are even more interested in politics because a jittery political landscape provides exciting and interesting odds options. Sportsbook site is following the polls which shows Bush’s approval rating anywhere from 34 to 38 per cent, down from 42 per cent last month. Sportsbook online casino is offering players the chance to wager on the President’s job approval rating on May 1, 2006.

Sportsbook players can choose over or under 39 per cent drawn from the polling average of a daily poll company which is published every day. The support rate for the President is a very serious piece of date which Americans take very seriously. The sportsbook online casino recognizes this fact and is using the heated political situation to attract sportsbook fans to ‘participate’ in the approval rating process.

Sportsbook and online casino sites will find anything and everything to set odds on. They can accept bids on the weather, the entertainment industry, the economy, the political situation and awards ceremonies. Sportsbook sites provide alternative gambling options for those who are not into the hardcore casino games such as poker and blackjack, while still offering the fun and excitement of placing bids and potentially winning.

OCA News Editor

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