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Online Casino Advertising Rejected by Sporting News

Online casino operators were in uproar last year following news that the U.S. Justice Department had sent letters to media companies urging them to decline all forms of online casino advertising. In a high profile case involving U.S. publication Sporting News, the firm allegedly paid the Justice Department over 7 million dollars after it was accused of running advertisements for online casino operators. However a recent development in the case has shown that the Sporting News’ had not been threatened by a federal case. Instead the money was paid to the Justice Department as a means of protecting its sale price.

The news has further angered online casino operators, who state that the letters to major media outlets sent by the U.S. Justice Department were threatening and intimidating. The Sporting News case was revealed by publisher Chris Costigan, who stated that Sports911 sources had contacted him to advise that “Sporting News was concerned about the potential liability that its past may have had on its sale price.” A case instigated against the Justice Department by online casino firm Casino City citing the government’s actions were in contradiction with the U.S. First Amendment was also dropped recently, following concerns that online casino advertising may indeed be illegal.

While gambling at online casino sites and placing wagers on sports events online is considered illegal activity by the U.S. government, no existing legislation supports the anti-gambling sentiment many in power hold. Advertising for online casino services has been accepted widely by many forms of U.S. media. However the Justice Department’s correspondence to several prominent firms has reduced the number of those willing to advertise on behalf of their gaming industry clients.

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