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Bet on Sports Commits to Safe Online Casinos Gambling

Bet on Sports is a publicly listed US group that includes poker and sportsbetting interests, as well as online casinos through a variety of different platforms. BOS recently reiterated its commitment to keep gambling at online casinos and other venues clean and safe, using a variety of technological platforms. This technology helps protect gamblers at online casinos and also helps detect problem gamblers or those who are underage.

Bet on Sports uses fraud protection software to detect stolen credit cards and those cards with a history of high charge backs. In addition, in a further bid to protect gamblers at online casinos, BOS has trained call-staff personnel whose job it is to follow up on strange payment or behavior patterns. These follow-ups usually lead to under-age players or gamblers with a history of using stolen credit cards at online casinos. This call-staff service includes personal phone calls to gamblers who are suspected of displaying problematic behavior.

This is a big help in quashing the misuse of online casinos by under age gamblers and non-payers. The announcement was chosen to coincide with National Problem Gambling Awareness week to reiterate the group’s commitment in providing a safe gambling experience at online casinos. BOS feels strongly that there should be effective controls to prevent problem gambling at online casinos and other betting venues.

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