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Online Casino Undergoing a Name Change

Changing one’s name could be a traumatic experience and followed by a period of uncertainty. When this name change is performed by a business, especially an established business like an online casino, then the change has even more potential ramifications. Olympic Sports Book online casino has announced that it will be changing its name to the Greek Sports Book. This online casino has been around for many years, but for some reason decided that a name change was due.

The online casino was often referred to as “The Greek” by its regular clients. Following this trend, the online casino decided to make the change official, seeing as though most of the players did not refer to it by its original and proper name. The online casino’s address ownership are both Greek-based, which is obviously part of the decision process.

The Greek theme will be carried throughout the online casino’s new name. Other sites linked to the online casino will be called The Greek Casino and The Greek Poker. A new logo will also be part of the new package and all the details will be finalized in the coming weeks. The management of the online casino are said to be very excited about the change and have received very positive feedback so far. Major changes in a business like this could either make or break the online casino – but the feedback looks positive so the online casino is not worried at all.

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