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It Pays to Wager on Sports at the Online Casino

Comp points are those extra bonuses given out by the online casino to most sports gamblers who place their sports bets at the online casino. It’s a relatively simple concept and one that originated from land-based casinos. If, for example, in Vegas casinos they handed out free meals or hotel accommodation to VIP players, the online casino presents you with a similar program that grants you comp points for games played at the online casino. By wagering on several sports related props, for instance, some online casino sites will grant you comp points which can eventually allow you to win home appliances, vacations and cars.

The online casino comp point system works so that every time a certain amount of money is spent at the online casino, the gambler gets a comp point. This amount is predetermined by the online casino and is usually in the region of 10 dollars or 10 Euro. And here is where your status comes in. If you are a regular player with a VIP status, your comp points are worth more than the amateur who earns comp points here and there for the random game of roulette. Online casinos know how to value their customers and VIP clients are rewarded by comp points with a higher value. It therefore pays to play at online casinos.

The comp point program is a generous way for the online casino to thank customers for their patronage. It’s also an excellent marketing tool that draws sports gamblers to the online casino. Everyone benefits all around!

OCA News Editor

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