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Online Casino Bettors Keep a Watchful Eye

Now that the trade deadline has passed, GM’s are keeping a watchful eye on the online casino waivers list. For teams who are looking to get deep into the playoffs even a small addition can make a huge difference comes May, as well as the online casino betting line. Two players that could potentially have such an impact are Jon Barry and Jim Jackson who were released by their respective teams earlier this week. If I was Joe Dumars, I’d snatch either one of them as soon as possible. The Piston’s only short coming is the fact that they are not a deep team.

Online casino odds makers say that the Pistons could definitely use another wing player that can score, given the fact that both Carlos Delfino and Maurice Evans haven’t been producing with consistency off the bench. Online casino bettor may recall that Barry actually used to play for the Piston a few seasons ago and was very productive off the bench. The Pistons already have the best starting five in basketball so it would be scary to think just how good they’ll be with some bench production.

Online casino odds makers will be keeping scores as we approach the playoffs. Being the deepest team doesn’t necessarily guarantees that you’ll win a championship, but it does give you lasting power. Whenever you lose a starter to injury, you need to count on your bench for carrying the slack until he gets back. What if the injury occurs in the playoffs and you have no one capable of stepping right in? Your online casino odds of winning the championship will decrease substantially.

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