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Online Casino Onus Not Just on Zeke

As all you online casino bettors must have noticed by now, it’s a sad state of affairs in New York. According to the online casino, things are so bad that the last time that the Knicks won a game was February 15th. Online casino news reports say that New York has lost 3 games in a row since trading for Francis and things do not seem to get any better having to play Memphis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Indiana and the Hornets next. Was it a bad idea to trade for Francis? Absolutely not, considering that all they gave up in return is Penny and Ariza.

From top to bottom, the Knicks roster isn’t that bad considering they have three very talented rookies and some very capable veteran players. So where does the problem lay? You don’t have to be an online casino expert to see that they are not a team. Somebody needs to make all the parts works and that certain someone is the head coach. At some point of the season, online casino fans are expecting that the fingers must be pointed towards the coach. The only thing that kept them from being pointed at Larry Brown direction thus far is the credit he has earned over the years.

Online casino sports columnists have been suggesting that maybe having a high profile coach is something that can’t work in the Big Apple. The last coach to have had any success in New York was Jeff Van Gundy. LB is a fantastic coach and NY is lucky to have him, but I’m not sure anymore that he is the right fit in NY for the long run.

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