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Slim Picking at the Online Casino

Skimming over today’s online casino betting line, there is one online casinos game that stands out. Obviously, I’m talking about the once between the Cavs and Pistons. With the recent addition of Ronald “Flip” Murray, online casino sports columnists are saying that Cleveland has finally got someone to fill in the shoes of Larry Hughes (at least offensively) who still remains on the injured list. Murray can defiantly pick up the slack on the offense of end, providing Cleveland with the scoring punch they so desperately need off the bench.

Online casino odds makers are listing the Pistons as the favorites to win tonight’s game which will be held in Cleveland Ohio. After taking the western all-star team to school, the Pistons starting line up (4/5 of it) have established their superiority in the eyes of online casino odds makers. The only weakness the Pistons have is bench production. Other than Antonio Mcdice, Detroit has no one that can come off the bench and provide them with some scoring punch on regular basis.

Joe Dumars preferred to sit out this passing trade deadline, without bulking up his roster. The only move he made is to trade Milicic and Arroyo to Orlando for a big dud and a draft pick. Will Dumars live to regret letting the trade deadline pass by? Let’s face it, if one of the Pistons starters is to go down with an injury, this could be devastating to their online casino odds of wining a championship since the team relies so heavily on its starters.

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