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Online Casino Trading Big Lakes for Big Apples

Will he or won’t he? Every online casino bettor in the world knows that for Kevin Garnet to get traded out of freezing Minnesota is just a matter of asking for it. Online casino sports columnists say that once Garnet makes his trade demands public. If the Wolves will agree to a deal wit the Knicks it would have to include two of their three top-tier rookies. Online casino sports analysts estimate that Frye would be involved in any potential package for Garnet, as well as additional draft picks and probably the expiring contract of Jalen Rose.

If the Wolves are smart, they will also try to unload Marco Jaric as part of the deal for Garnet. According to online casino news reports, the Wolves have already faced the fact that they have made a critical mistake this summer giving Jaric such a bloated contract. This is why they have been trying to deal him for quite some time now. Thomas wouldn’t mind taking on Jaric if it means landing Garnet. If this deal happens as online casino sports writers say it will, this would be the crowning achievement of Thomas as the Knicks head of basketball operations.

The Big Ticket wants to win a championship now! Online casino odds makers are convinced that last week’s trade for Francis was only a step in realizing both Brown’s and Thomas’ master plan which is to pry away KG. I’m willing to go on a limb and disagree with my online casino sports colleagues. If a deal is ever to be reached between these two teams it will in no way include Francis, meaning that NY will be left with a backcourt of Marbury and Francis, Curry at center, Garnet at the four and Crawford at the three.

OCA News Editor