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Garnet Next in NY Online Casino Strategy

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s trade, online casino sports writers are suggesting that Isiah Thomas and the New York Knicks have set their sights on a loftier goal named Kevin Garnet. Online casino news reports say that Thomas is looking to accumulate a lot of attractive pieces in order to make his pitch this summer. When Thomas traded Antonio Davis’ contract a few weeks ago for Jalen Rose, online casino bettors were stunned. They couldn’t figure out why in the world Thomas would take on Rose’s contract who has 1 more year other than this one.

According to online casino news sources, the answer to that is quite simple. Thomas realized that he wouldn’t be able to make a play for Garnet until the summer. If he would have held on to Davis, Thomas wouldn’t have been able to use him comes summertime, since his contract would have expired by then. Online casino sports columnist claim that the trade that brought Francis to the Big Apple was completed with the intent to amass parts that Minnesota may deem as attractive. However, what makes Thomas think that Minnesota would even want to take on Francis?

As online casino gamblers may recall, the Wolves had a deal in place with Orland who offered Francis in exchange for Wally. Minnesota didn’t byte then what makes New York think that they will in the summer? The only thing that the Knicks have going for them is the fact that Garnet wants to come to New York. He realized that he can’t win a championship in Minneapolis so he is wiling to trade in the big lakes for big apples.

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