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Deal Struck at the Online Casino

It has finally happened! The deal online casino sports writers have been raving about the whole week has finally happened. Orlando sent Steve Francis to the Big Apple in exchange for Penny Hardaway and Trevor Ariza. Online casino news columnists were right about the fact that the two teams had a deal in place. However, they were wrong about the players that were included as part of the package. Online casino columnists reported that the deal would include Pat Garrity from the Magic and instead of Penny the Knick would include Maurice Taylor and Jamal Crawford.

Evidently, online casino news reports were a bit off. This deal makes a lot more sense for the Magic than the one mentioned in the online casino press. First of all, they get Penny’s expiring contract which means that they get a clean slate comes summer time and get to wipe out completely all the millions still owed to Francis. Had they agreed to take Crawford and Taylor as part of the deal they would have been stuck will untradble players that no one in the league seems to want (how do you think they got to New York in the first place?).

Judging by the look of things at online casinos, New York did great also. They get to have a perennial all-star player for a bargain price. Francis is an upgrade over Crawford. Hell, almost anyone is an upgrade over Crawford. A backcourt of both Francis and Marbury is going to be hard to manage for Brwon who now faces probably one of the toughest tasks he has ever had to deal with. If he is able to get Francis and Marbury to cooperate together and share the ball with their teammates, it will be the crowning achievement of his career.

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