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Online Casino Hybrid

The online casino is the best place to wager on sports. Long are the days where you had to covertly meet with you neighborhood bookie in order to submit your bet. These days, online casino bettors can wager on almost every major sporting event taking place using the internet. There are two types of casino sites where you can place your wager. The first one is the sports book. Online gambling sites like of this sort are predominantly centered on sports betting. However, over recent months more and more sports books have started offering their clients a variety of online casino games to choose from.

Obviously, what motivated sports books to start incorporating online casino games in the first place is trying to diversify their gambling portfolio. In terms of revenues, the biggest moneymaker for the online gambling industry was and still remains online casino games such as poker, blackjack, slots, roulette, etc. Even though their main focus is sports gambling, an in creasing number of sports books have realized the huge earning potential and appeal that these casino games have.

On the other hand, there are some online casinos who have taken the opposite route by venturing into the world of sports betting. These online casino operators also made this move with the idea of tying to expand the gambling services available on their site. The combination of the two has proven to be extremely successful for the online casino and sports books operators who have decided to take the plunge and have a go at it.

OCA News Editor

Christian Bright is a professional sports commentator with keen interests in football, tennis and horse racing. His experience in the reporting on professional sports makes him a key asset to OCA’s coverage of athletic events and matches.