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Online Casino Betting on the Answer

Allen Iverson is the second leading scorer in the league and one of the most electrifying payers to have ever played the game. Nevertheless, online casino bettors can’t ignore the fact that the Sixers are not going anywhere anytime soon. Even though he is having a terrific season statistics wise, Iverson is over 30 and online casino sports analysts doubt if his body can sustain the physical punishment any further. Trading Iverson has become an actual option especially after Andre Igudala’s performance in the rookie game. Suddenly, online casinos odds makers have seen a player who has the potential of becoming a potent scorer in this league.

Igudala was pouring down three-pointers while electrifying the crowed with his thunderous dunks. Online casino bettors watching the game must have been thinking to themselves how come Igudala’s potential is not realized in Philadelphia. The obvious explanation to that would be the fact that Iverson controls the ball most of the times and the other guys are not utilized as much as they could have. Trading AI isn’t as simple as online casino gamblers may think. The main reason why people are sowing to watch the Sixers games is because of him.

Aside from attracting people to fill out the empty seats, Iverson has its own clothing and shoe line. The guy is an industry in itself, generating a lot of revenues for the city of Philadelphia, as well as the Sixers organization. As with everything, trades also have a financial aspect. Online casino odds makers estimate that Billy King would have to receive one heck of an offer to give away AI. Rumors of Baron Davis and Mike Dunleavy moving the Philly in exchange for AI are absolutely ridiculous.

OCA News Editor