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Online Casino offers Odds on All Star Game

There is quite a commotion in Houston these days, and it has nothing to do with the All Star Weekend or the amount of bets the game has generated at online casino sites. Online casinos news sources report that the Rocket’s have made an offer to the Magic for the purpose of bringing back Stevie Franchise into the fold. This is the same player they couldn’t wait to get rid of a couple of summers ago. Albeit, online casino odds makers say it’s highly unlikely that this trade will ever see the light of day for the simple reason that the Rockets have nothing to trade with.

Every online casino bettor can tell that the Rockets are desperate. However, it’s obvious that Houston is obviously not going to give up Tracy McGrady or Yao to retain the services of Francis. For Orlando to trade Francis back to the Rockets without getting an all star caliber player in return would cause heads to roll. Online casino news sources report that besides Houston, there are currently 3 other teams that are in the mix, including Denver, New York and Minnesota.

Online casino sports experts have been talking for weeks about a trade that would sent Francis to the Nuggets as part of a three-way trade involving the Knicks. Then again there is also the possibility of NY dealing directly with Orlando and creating a package consisting of an expiring contract a draft pick and maybe David Lee. Online casino bookmakers are marking these two destinations asa the most likely ones.

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