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Steelers Ranked Third By Online Casino

What has possessed online casino odds makers to believe that the Indianapolis Clots is the team with the best chances of winning next years’ Super Bowl? Is it because they all got it wrong? Bodog is one of the online casinos that offer their bettors to place a wager this far in advance. The online casino has the Indy ranking as the team to beat next year with 9/2 odds. This passing season was supposed to be the Colts year right? They finally got the defense to match their explosive offense – but at the end of the day they were left empty handed.

I’m just as big of a Toney Dungy fan as the next online casino sports fan, but at some point you need to start pointing the fingers at the coach. Leaving things as is and hoping for the best won’t do the trick. It’s obvious that something needs to change and since it’s much easier to replace a coach than a high priced player, the Colts may consider bringing somebody else in. Looking over the online casino betting line, I was shocked to see the reigning world champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers is the third likeliest team to win the title next year.

Online casino odds makers rank Pittsburgh third behind Indianapolis and New England with an 8 to 1 shot of making it. While setting the betting line, online casino odds makers must have factored in the fact that Jerome Bettis is likely to retire now. However, the “Bus” wasn’t the one that the Steelers rode last season to the Promised Land; it was Willie Parker.

OCA News Editor