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Online Casino Gamblers Anxiously Await Deadline

Online casino gamblers are anxiously awaiting the February 23rd deadline, to see how things unfold in terms of overall standings. Online casino sports fans have seen time and again how the right trade can propel a team into the playoffs and in some cases could help a team win a championship. A couple of years ago Joe Dumars traded for Rasheed Wallace midway through the season, and as a result the Pistons defeated the Lakers in the finals. Before the season started, online casinos all over the net offered sports gamblers the chance to wager on the team they think will win the championship.

The same online casino players that were foolish or smart enough to place their wager this far in advance will follow the events of the next couple of weeks closely. There are some big names up for grabs with Carlos Boozer, Steve Francis and Kenyon Martin being the most prominent. Imagine the Lakers landing a healthy Boozer. Online casino odds makers estimate that it could easily propel them into the playoffs and maybe even past the first round. Given the size of contract of all three players, it’s more likely that they will be moved to lower level teams.

According to online casino news sources, New York has already announced that it’s willing to aboard Kenyon Martin’s huge contract, which sees him earning more than $60 million over the course of the next four years. No owner other than James Dolan will be willing commit such an amount to a player with questionable health. If K-Mart is moved it’s going to be to New York, across the Hudson where he used to play.

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