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Online Casino Sees Big Changes in Big Apple

Online casino news sources are reporting that a deal might be struck between NY and Denver in which the Knicks will take on both Kenyon Martin and Earl Watson in exchange for Penny and another player. Online casino sources are reporting that in order to complete the deal the Knicks might have to include one of their three rookies. Thomas is reluctant to give up Frye, but the same online casino news sources say that he might be willing to part with David Lee. For the Nuggets, they get to dump more that $80 million in bad contracts and bad knees on the Knicks.

If this deal actually gets done, online casino sources say that the Nuggets might be looking to get something more than just a cap relief. Online casino odds makers predict that there is a scenario in which they a third team will be needed in order to facilitate the trade. If you throw in the Magic also into the mix than the Nuggets could receive Steve Francis from Orlando while the Knicks will send Jamal Crawford and another player to the Magic. Currently, the Magic have a number of offers for Francis and they are mulling them all over.

Orlando will probably wait until the last minute to make a move, in an attempt to hold out for the best possible offer. Online casino bettors expect the Knicks to make a big splash by the deadline, if no other reason than the fact that they are willing to take on bad contracts. Aside from improving their standing at the online casino, getting both Earl Watson and Kmart would be a great find for the Knicks if Martin ever recuperates from his injury. Also, Watson is a point guard in the mold that Brown is looking for.

OCA News Editor