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Online Casino Bettors Anticipate Blockbuster Trade

There are some interesting games on featured at the online casino betting line today. If you are looking to play it safe, it doesn’t get better than NY playing at Dallas. Online casinos odds makers are favoring the Dallas Mavericks, setting the point spread at 14.5 points. The Mavs lost on Friday to Denver, who ended their 13-game wining streak, so they’ll be pretty fired up comes game time. The Knicks on the other hand have lost 8 games in a row, and according to online casino bookmakers they are about to extend it in Dallas tonight.

Online casino news sources are reporting that the Knicks are feverously working the phones, looking to make a move by the trade deadline. The Knicks have recently rejected an offer made by the Lakers who wanted to exchange Lamar Odom for Channing Frye. Thomas has made the right call on this one, given that Frye has a much bigger upside than Odom’s. The other high-profile name that online casino news sources mention in connection to the Knicks is Kenyon Martin. Thomas basically has an open checkbook to bring in whoever he feels will help the tam, even at the cost of freeing up the team’s cap situation in the future.

Will he be willing to take on Martin’s enormous contract, considering that the guy is carrying more than just a mild injury? Online casino bettors would sure love to see the Knicks make some kind of move. Both Larry Brown and Thomas have been working the phone trying to get something done. If something will get done in time, it is surly garanteed to be a blockbuster trade involving more than two teams.

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