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Online Casino Offers Odds on NBA All-Star Weekend

Some online casinos bettors believe that betting on all the various competitions surrounding the all-star game is secondary to gambling on the game itself. Others believe just the opposite. When online casino gamblers think of the all-star game they think first and foremost about the slam dunk competition and 3 Point Shootout. Bodog online casino is now offering sports fans to wager on these competitions in addition to all the other events that will take place on all-star weekend.

Josh Smith who plans to defend his title this year is regarded by online casino odds makers as the leading candidate to win the competition again this year. This high-flying small forward from the Atlanta Hawks receives 1/1 odds, meaning that if you bet on him and he actually ends up winning the competition, you stand to earn $1 for every $1 you wagered at the online casino. Second on the list is Nate Robinson of the New York Knicks with 2/1 odds. The miniscule guard has been dazzling online casino sports fans ever since the season started.

When it comes to the 3 Point Shootout, online casino odds makers also have a favorite which is Seattle’s Ray Allen who receives 2/1 odds. Allen is a pure shooter with one of the sweetest strokes in the whole league. Ironically, last year’s winner Quentin Richardson is not favored by online casino odds makers. Aside from the fact that he is hardly getting any playing time in NY, Richardson is regarded by online casino odds makers as a streak shooter which heart his odds of winning.

OCA News Editor