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Online Casino Bettors Set New Record

We already discussed how the Super Bowl is the single most grossing sporting event at the online casino so what we have to say next should really come as no surprise. By all accounts, online casinos registered the highest number of wagers in recent history when it comes to Super Bowl wagering. You can imagine our surprise hearing that the collective amount of money wagered on the Super Bowl in and out of the online casino has reached a record number of $4-billion!

This figure was reported by the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling reported Thursday who factored the scope of money wagered at online casinos along with sportsbooks, and even office pools. The amount is more than four times the record $90.7-million wagered in Las Vegas last year. Pat Fowler, FCCG Executive Director reffred to these statistics saying, “Many who would never have ventured out to bet with a real bookie will be quite comfortable placing that bet at the online casino”.

Fowler added saying, “Gambling on sports particulary at the online casino is highly popular, not only among adults, but with young people who are gambling in growing numbers. In fact, Florida’s most recent youth survey found that more than 55% of students in grades 6-12 report having gambled in the last year”.

OCA News Editor

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