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Colts Favorite According to Online Casino Odds Makers

Less than week since the Steelers won the Super Bowl has gone by and online casino sites are already offering odds on who will win next year’s Super Bowl. Online casino bettors are given a chance to gamble on their favorite teams now instead of having to wait until next year. What’s the sense in betting on a team so soon? Well, if it’s a team that is not favored to win that it will get favorable odds. Once you place your bet, you enjoy these odds.

Despite their early playoff exit, online casino odds makers favor the Indianapolis Colts. Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director of Sportsbook Online Casino explains, “There could still be some huge factors that could shift the odds in coming months. Possible trades, the unknown injury status of Donovan McNabb and the always unpredictable Terrell Owens could all change the landscape significantly”.

Czajkowski added saying, “There’s no reason to believe, at this point, that bettors will sour on the Colts. They’ll be backing Indianapolis again next year. The Colts still have the best QB in football and some people think too much attention and focus was put on their run for a perfect season. They never seemed to regroup after their first loss and the personal tragedies that befell Tony Dungy”.

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