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Online Casino Odds Makers Review Trade

Any other GM in the league would have been fired on the spot after trading an expiring contract for Jalen Rose, but not Isiah Thomas. Online casino players were a bit surprised to see him trading the expiring contract of Antonio Davis for Rose’s who still has one year on his. Many online casino sports bettors have been scrambling to see the logic in Thomas’ latest move. First of all, when you have James Dolan is the owner of your team; you can pretty much get away with everything. Online casino fans surly remember how Dolan let Scott Laden lead the Knicks into total and utter state of destruction. This time he has chosen to put his faith in Thomas’ hands.

Thomas is in a bit of a pickle; you can’t rebuild a team in New York where online casino gamblers expect you to win all the time. The trouble is that whether New York likes it or not they are in a rebuilding mode. Online casino odds makers say that climbing back to respectability requires draft picks and getting far enough under the cap so that you’ll be able to sign a free agent that can catapult you into contention. Since the Knicks can forget about getting under the cap for the near future, waiting for Davis’ contract to come off of their payroll wouldn’t have solved any of their immediate troubles.

Online casino players criticizing the move, neglected to notice that Thomas got a first round draft choice as part of the deal. The pick belongs to Denver and it appears to be conditional. If the Knicks end up getting the pick, it will probably be in the mid-first round, judging by Denver’s position in the standings.

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