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Nelson’s Next Online Casino Gig

There have been rumors floating around the online casino suggesting that Don Nelson is contemplating a return to coaching. There is no denying that Nelson is one of the best coaches to have ever coached this game, but Nellie’s track record makes him a good fit only in certain types of situations. Online casino sports experts are in agreement that Nellie can be a perfect fit for a struggling franchise vying for respectability like the Magic, Celtics, Raptors and Hawks. The type of basketball he is preaching can only take a team so far at the online casino. Don’t get me wrong; it’s entertaining to watch but its not playoff tested – case in point the Mavericks.

Recently, online casino news sources have been speculating that Nellie might be taking over for Rick Adelman in Sacramento. To be honest, I think that the Kings are better off sticking with Adelman, since I don’t think that Nellie would be that much of an improvement over Adelman. In the eyes of the online casino bookmaker, both coaches are similar in the sense that they can’t seem to elevate a team to the next level. Adelman reached the finals with the Blazers twice during the 90’s, without having anything to show for. His track record with the Kings is even less impressive.

Nevertheless, online casino odds makers say that replacing Adelman with Nelson would be a mistake at this point. The team has been through enough changes this season, with all the new players joining and the recent trade for Ron Artest. Now is not a good time to rock the boat. The Kings are not entirely out of the playoff picture. Once Bonzi Wells gets back, the team might make it.

OCA News Editor