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Turning Up the Heat at the Online Casino

You don’t have to be an online casino odds make to know that something is not working down in the sunshine state. Pat Riley spent millions this summer retooling his roster and so far he has very litter to show for. Judging by online casino history, a star studded lineup is not the best way to build a championship team. The latest example that comes to mind is the Lakers who brought in both Karl Malone and Garry Payton a couple of years ago. It did bring them all the way to the finals, but the road there was filed with adversity. As many of you online casino fans may recall, a lot of it had to do with Bryant round trips to Colorado coupled with Malone’s injury in the playoffs.

However it’s not the number of high profile players that has been causing problems in Miami. Online casino bettors need to understand that it usually takes time for a team to jell. The Pistons took one full season under Rick Carlisle in order to come together as a team. Miami has an entirely new roster this season, so naturally it’s going to take time. The trouble is that the Heat were not built in order to compete in the playoffs. The team was build in order to win a championship and anything less would constitute as a huge let down for the management and online casino gamblers as well.

After spending the amount of money that the Heat ownership spent during the offseason, online casino news sources say that expectations in Miami are high. Meeting these lofty expectations puts even more pressure on the team and makes it even more difficult to become a cohesive unit. We are past the halfway mark, and the playoff picture is beginning to shape up. The Heat have a lot to worry about especially since the Pacers gotten a lot better with the addition of Peja.

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