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Online Casino versus Event Wagering

While traditional games at the online casino continue to draw casino players, sports betting sites report that wagers on political and entertainment events are also increasing. Online casinos may provide all the latest games of skill but according to sports betting operator Wager Web, demand for wagering on a range of political events is higher than ever following the success of bets made on the U.S. presidential elections. The Costa Rica based gambling site first noticed the continued interest in political wagering after online casino players who traditionally frequent online casinos started placing bets on the Senate races after the U.S. election.

Approximately 300 bets were placed on the vacant seat in the Supreme Court, the majority of which had the position being awarded to Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. Some online casino sites are even reportedly running separate sites to compete with traditional sports betting operators. Wagering on entertainment events is also high, with bets taken on the results of reality TV series generating high revenues for online casinos and sports betting sites. And while fans of online casinos remain loyal to their chosen casino games, many admit to having a strong interest in event wagering.

However most online casinos remain unconcerned about rising trends and believe that entertainment betting is purely a novelty. As interest in online gaming continues to grow, new markets will emerge. Most operators of online casinos remain convinced that these will pose little threat to their core business.

OCA News Editor