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Online Casino Ponders February 23rd Trade Deadline

With the trading deadline being less than a month away, rumors are swirling at the casino. Trades can have a ripple effect that changes the status of several teams at the online casino and in the standing. For instance, online casino odds makers predict that with Artest on board the Kings stand a better chance of making it into the playoffs. This means that Sacramento has surpassed a few other teams that were competing for a playoff ticket. Trades usually force other teams who weren’t necessarily thinking of making a move, to change their thinking in fear of being left behind.

Then of course you have the usual suspects who get mentioned all the time at the online casino. One of these names is Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics. Online casino odds makers believe that now that Danny Ainge got another small forward in Wally Szczerbiak, he might be more inclined to trade Pierce. The real question is why would he even want to? The Celtics have a nice mix of young players and veterans that compliment each other well. The playoffs are not entirely out o reach for Boston. Trading Pierce would mean taking a huge step back. After all, he is one of the top five leading scorers in the entire league.

Who can you possibly get in return that would give just as much production? Last time I checked at the online casino, the Sixers weren’t looking to trade Allen Iverson. Oddly enough, Szczerbiak has been the leading scorer for the Celtics in their last couple of games. The Celts now have a prolific one-two scoring punch that most teams will find hard to defend. The only problem is that neither of them can play defense. Online casino bookmakers think that the Celtics may be inclined to moving Pierce in exchange for an athletic wing player.

OCA News Editor