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Bryant Watch Picks Up Steam at the Online Casino

The Kobe watch has reached a new height at the online casino today. Bodog online casino is offering bettors to wager on what they’ll think would be bigger, Bryant’s offensive output against the New Orleans Hornets or the combined number of points scored by both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks during Super Bowl XL, which takes place a day after on February 5th. Online casino sites are trying to milk out Bryant’s superb 81 points performance against the Raptors earlier this month, anyway they can (with his being the latest one).

Currently, the online casino has Bryant as the underdog, setting the point spread in favor of the Super Bowl teams at 5.5 points. As a result, online casino players who wish to bet on Bryant will receive favorable odd of -105 versus the -135 offered on the other scenario. Considering that this is the Super Bowl and that both the Steelers and the Seahawks are very good defensive teams, Bryant’s online casino odds may seem a bit odd. Good defensive teams usually mean a low scoring game. This works in favor of Bryant who averages over 35 points a contest.

Online casino odds makers also haven’t give enough consideration to the fact that Bryant is playing at Staples Center, the place he scored 81 points just a week ago. What works against Bryant is the fact that he would probably be matched up against Gerald Wallace, who is regarded as a solid defensive player.

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