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Done Deal Says Online Casino

The online casino saga that has centered two all star players Ron Artest and Peja Stojakovic has finally ended as the Pacers and Kings officially put the finishing touches and closed the deal. Online casino odds makers have bee monitoring the situation closely, give that the trade reshuffles the cards in the Eastern Conference. With the addition of Peja, the Pacers now have what they lost when Reggie Miller retired which is outside shooting. Online casino bookmakers will surly take that into advisement when setting the betting line and determining the odds.

The only thing that has held the completion of the deal these last few days was Artest’s unwillingness to play for Sacramento. Online casino news sources report that after another meeting with Donnie Walsh and Larry Bird, Artest finally came around and gave his blessing to the trade. One word got out that the Kings were talking with the Pacers about trading Peja, it virtually marked the end of Stojakovic sent with the team. Had the deal not been consummated, Stojakovic would have left Sacramento as a free agent in the summer.

In a way, by discussing Peja the Kings were committing to trade him either way. As for the Pacers, they have definitely made the right decision deciding to hold on to their guns and not accept lesser offers. Artest value couldn’t have been any lower, and yet they managed to squeeze out an all star in return. Once again, Donnie Walsh shows online casino sports fans why he is one of the best in the business.

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