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Saga Continues at the Online Casino

Yesterday, online casino news sources were reporting that the Pacers and Kings are close to finalizing a deal in which Artest will be moved to Sacramento in exchange for Peja Stojakovic. Today, the same online casinos information sources are detecting some backpedaling from both teams and that nothing has been finalized. Online casino news sources are alluding to the fact that Artest might have some reservations about moving to Sacramento and that he made that clear to Indiana’s brass when they met yesterday. Peja Stojakovic has also voiced his discontent from the manner in which the Kings’ management went about it.

If the deal doesn’t materialize, online casino sports analysts estimate that it will mark the end of Peja era as a member of the Sacramento Kings for sure. Stojakovic who publicly said that he wanted to say in Sacramento after this season, won’t hesitate to leave as a free agent. Now, the Kings have gotten themselves into a situation, in which they have to trade Peja by the trade deadline, otherwise they will be left with absolutely nothing. On the other hand, online casino sources say that the Pacers on the other hand come on top no matter what. You see, up until now the best offer that they have got was Corey Magette of the LA Clippers, who is out for the season.

Now that teams know that the Pacers have the Stojakovic offer on the table, it forces them to match with an equally talented player. It already has had a positive effect. Online casino news sources are reporting that the Golden State Warriors have agreed to throw in Mike Dunleavy’s name into the mix.

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