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Online Casino Says Change Benefits Both Players

Yesterday, online casino news sources were reporting that the Pacers and Kings are close to finalizing a deal in which Artest will be moved to Sacramento in exchange for Peja Stojakovic. If this deal actually goes through, online casino experts say it would help both teams improve in the standings which would definitely have an effect on the odds they receive at the online casino. Currently, Indiana is not considered as a viable threat to winning the championship this year. Peja will definitely give them a boost by providing the one thing they are lacking the most, which is outside shooting.

Even with lackluster season Pega is having, online casino analysts say he would still be their best outside shooter. Artest on the other hand, will do wonders to change the image of the Sacramento Kings (or Queens as Shaq once called them). Even though he has been inactive for the past couple of months, online casino experts still believe that Artest is one of the best defensive players in the league, if not the best. Considering that up until he was booted out of Indy he also scored more points than Peja, means that the Kings benefit on both accounts.

Much like at the online casino, there are no guarantees when making a trade. Indiana is taking a huge risk bringing Stojakovic on board, seeing that he becomes an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year. The Kings are also taking a huge risk by bringing in Artest, seeing how he could disrupt their team chemistry. Again much like at the online casino, without taking risk there is not reward.

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