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Bryant Gives Online Casino Bettors 81 Reasons to Smile

After scoring 62 points just a few weeks ago, online casino sports commentators figured that it will only be a matter of time until Bryant surpasses his old record. It turns out that online casino odds makers were right on the money. According to online casino statisticians, Bryant’s 81 points effort yesterday against the Raptors is ranked second highest in league history for most point scored by a player in a single game. Bryant’s record is second only to Wilt Chamberlain who managed to score 100 points. Considering the fact that Bryant managed to score 81 points from the guard position is equally if not more impressive than Wilt’s 100 points.

Online casino fans should be mindful of the fact that Wilt was the most physically imposing players to have played in the league (other than Shaq). He was able to score most of his points by overpowering his defender. Depending how you look at it, online casino commentators suggest that Bryant’s record is not necessary good news for the Lakers. Watching LA playing against Phoenix on Friday night, at times it seemed that Bryant plays as if he has no teammates out there. The guy hardly tried to create opportunities for his teammates and launched shots at will.

I’m sure it’s not very fun to play on a team where you hardly get to shoot. Online casino fans surly remember how Jackson benched him the last time he approached setting a new record. This time, Jackson left him in the game even though the Lakers were blowing out the Raptors. Why the sudden change? Could it be that the two weren’t exactly truthful when they said that Bryant’s benching was a mutual decision?

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