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Road to Super Bowl XL Goes Through the Online Casino

And then there were four. After tonight, only two teams will move on to the Super Bowl and online casino bettors have already made their selection. The first game featured at the online casino is the one between the Pittsburgh Steelers who will be traveling to the mile high city to face the Denver Broncos. Online casino odds makers have set the point spread to 3 points in favor of the home team. Considering the Steelers impressive play last week, it’s very tempting to bet against the line. Although I’m not trying to take from Denver accomplishment, impressive as it may be, they face a banged up Patriots team.

The Steelers on the other hand faced an Indianapolis team in its prime. Their running game is unstoppable and their defense managed to keep one of the most prolific offensive teams in the league to only 3 points at half time. With all do respect to Denver, Mike Shanahan and online casino odds makers, I think that the Steelers will win the game. The other game featured at the online casino betting line is the one between the Seattle Seahawks who will be hosting the Carolina Panthers. For Seattle it all boils down to Shawn Alexander’s health. If he is a 100%, than they should be able to take care of business at home.

Online casino handicappers share this assessment, setting the point spread to 3.5 points in favor of the Seahawks. As you can see online casino odds makers have gone with the two home teams. The biggest reason for that is that no team in the history of the NFL has ever won 3 games on the road in the playoffs. Both Pittsburgh and Carolina have managed to win 2 successive games on the road. Carolina won in New York and in Chicago, while Pittsburgh won in Cincinnati and Indy.

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