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Latest Trade Rumors Rejected by Online Casino Analysts

The latest trade rumor making the rounds among online casino sports circles is that Cleveland is ready to ship Drew Gooden and Damon Jones to Boston in exchange to Marcus Banks and Mark Blount. Online casino odds makers say that the chances that this trade will actually materialize are pretty slim. Gooden may not be exactly what the Cavs are looking for at the four position. However, he is all that they have. Blount is a nice guy to have on your bench and he can play some minutes behind Big Z, but he can’t start at the two for them. Online casino news sources also say that there is no way that Danny Ferry is giving away Damon Jones, his best three point shooter.

You don’t have to be an online casino sports expert to know that Cleveland’s biggest weakness is that they don’t have enough reliable outside shooters other than James and Jones. Eric Snow can’t hit a shot to save his life and newly acquired Larry Hughes is an adequate mid rand jump shooter at best. Boston’s name has been popping a lot these days in connection to various trade scenarios. Online casino sources indicate that Danny Ainge is looking to dump long term contracts. Currently, Paul Pierce is the player with the biggest long term contract in Boston, so that naturally makes him a prime target. Not to mention the fact that for the first time in his career, Pierce openly requested a trade.

The trouble with trading someone like Pierce is that online casino fans and the media will be all over Ainge if he doesn’t get equal talent in return. You can’t trade a player’s of Paul’s caliber without getting at least something back in return. As online casino fans have come to learn over the years, there is no smoke without fire, so expect the Celtics to make some sort of move by the February trade deadline.

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