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Online Casino Discusses Shaq and Kobe Patching Things Up

Online casino sports bettors are probably itching to know whether or not they were making nice for the cameras, or was the gesture genuine. Online casino fans were shocked to see Shaq and Kobe shaking hands just before tip-off, for the first time since Christmas 2004. As much as both teams insisted that this is just like any other game and it isn‘t a big deal, online casino odds makers say otherwise! This is a huge deal not just for both Shaq and Kobe but for others as well. Riley was the architect of the deal that brought Shaq to Miami, so naturally he wants to prove to everyone that he made the right move.

Online casino experts point to the fact that whenever these two teams meet there is always a game within a game. They don’t mean just between O’Neal and Bryant, but also between Wade and Bryant. The two butted heads on more than one occasion. Last time the two teams met in Miami it almost escalated into a physical altercation. On Monday, Kobe came out on top as the Lakers won by 8 points at the Staples. Statistically, online casino sources report that the two weren’t far off from each other as Bryant finished with 37 points to Wade’s 34. However, Wade also managed to finish the game with 7 assists, while Bryant had only 4.

Online casino analysts claim that these three players are not the only ones that have something to prove. Lamar Odem is another player that has a score to settle with the Heat and Riley. Odem had his best season as a pro while playing in Miami. Since moving to the Lakers, Odem has seen his role being reduced somewhat. Odem was instrumental in the Heat’s victory finishing with 19 points and 9 assists. Unless they meet in the playoffs (which doesn’t seem likely), the next chapter in the Shaq-Kobe saga will only be written next season, when the two teams meet again.

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